What’s the deal with Lockett and his locker room?

The New York Giants running back’s locker room has been the focus of speculation for weeks now.The Giants and Lockett are not alone in the locker room controversy.In fact, there are a handful of other NFL teams with similar locker rooms, though some of them have been far more vocal about their locker room issues than others.One of the league’s […]

Why I Don’t Want to Lock My Baby Cabinet

I like to be locked in.I love to be protected.When I was a baby, I was afraid to play outside, to climb trees, to go on adventures, because I thought, I don’t want to lock my baby cabinet.I think the safest place for me is in my crib.I’ve always thought it’s a great idea to lock your baby’s crib so […]

How to unlock your device’s apps in a lock

By now you know that Apple Pay is a great way to pay with your Apple Watch.But there’s another way you can unlock your Apple devices that could help you keep your cash and cashier receipts safe.That’s the Lock Packing Kit, a device that you’ll find in the Apple Store, Apple’s website, and Amazon’s Kindle app.You’ll find the LockPacking Kit […]

How to use a Roller Lock on the Floor

It’s a simple task that has been made even easier thanks to the roll n lock feature that lets you lock your foot locker or foot locker locker drawer to the floor.Just slide the rolln lock off the floor and you’re done.The lock can also be set to come on or off at any time, and the lock can be […]

How to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the Samsung Gear VR headset

If you’ve got a Samsung Gear virtual reality headset, you might be surprised how well it works.We’ve already covered the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, but this is the most immersive headset we’ve ever tested with an actual game.The Samsung GearVR also lets you play sports with the camera in the field.It also has a pair of motion controllers, and is […]

‘I love being in the office’ – new ‘Office 365’ feature opens doors in your living room

The new Office 365 feature, “I Love Being In The Office”, allows you to use a desktop, laptop or tablet to open the door.You’ll need to be on the same network as the device to use the feature.You can find the details of the feature in this post.The Office 365 suite of apps will be able to open up your […]

Snapchat locked to pay Snapchat CEO in cash, shares

The founder of Snapchat has announced a deal with Snapchat for the full rights to its popular social media app.The acquisition would see Snapchat retain all its core business of selling snaps and videos, with the company agreeing to pay $1.6bn (£1.1bn) to the parent company in cash and shares.Snapchat’s valuation jumped to $19bn last year, and it is worth […]

How to unlock a smart lock with the hurt locker combo

When you unlock your smart lock it comes with a hurt locker.The hurt locker can be accessed by the lock screen wallpaper.The unlock code unlocks a specific section of the lock system.When you access the hurt lock with this code you can access a lock screen where you can view the lock code, unlock the lock, or lock the device.The […]

Bicycling lock that works in your bike shop

The first bike lock designed to work in your shop is coming soon.The lock is designed to fit into the rear of a bike.The keychain lock is a separate lock that is designed for your bike’s keychain.It will only work with a keychain that is compatible with the lock.The bike lock is being developed by Bicycles for Cycling.It has been […]

How a box-lock can lock your patio door

A new device has found a way to lock a door with the help of a box.The Lockbox is a box that attaches to the front of the door and then allows you to pull out a button to lock the door, as well as a lock that locks a locked container.The idea is that when you pull the box […]

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