Which pastor is the man behind the ‘lockdown’ on the Internet?

Pastor Greg Locke, a prominent pastor who is considered one of the top internet pastors, is facing an investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center for allegedly creating an “unwelcome environment” for LGBT people.As the New York Post reports, Pastor Locke is accused of “unintentionally fostering hatred, distrust, and discrimination against LGBT people,” after a group of Christians gathered in […]

How to unlock your key and lock lock your doors – 2K20

2K-20 codes lock and unlock your door automatically with your mobile phone.Unlocking your keys and locking your doors are as easy as swiping them.2K-3 codes lock your keys with your fingerprint or the touch of your hand.2k-2 codes lock with your voice.2K locks with your eyes.2k locks with the flick of your wrist.2 keys can be used to unlock two […]

How Pep Guardiola wants to change Barcelona’s way of doing things

A new approach to the way Barcelona play is set to be tested by their rivals on Tuesday.A report in the Catalan press says that Guardiola is willing to use all four of his first team players for the next four matches against Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, and will do so with the support of his coaching staff.Barcelona’s Champions League […]

How to read the stats, and what to watch for in this year’s lockout

We know what we’re talking about: the lockout.We also know what’s in store for hockey fans, and that’s not a good thing.The NHL is set to take a step back in the new year.It’s a tough year for the league, and it’s going to affect hockey fans.The lockout has hurt some fans, but it hasn’t affected the game.It hasn’t hurt […]

iOS 9.0.2 update available for free in the US, UK and Australia

The iOS 9 beta for Apple’s mobile operating system has now been available in the United States, UK, and Australia, as reported by AppleInsider.The update is a minor update that is available to download in the following territories:US: iOS 9 is available in U.S. and UK for free.It will automatically download when you connect to iCloud, or when you open […]

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