Lock down your baby bedroom with these baby cabinet locks

You may have heard the phrase “lock down your bedroom.”But if you’ve never locked down a bedroom before, now’s the time to do it.You may not have to worry about a key in the door or your child’s safety, because you have a wide range of lock-down options available to you.But you should be careful.You want to make sure you […]

Can you lock your iPhone or iPad using your phone’s lock screen?

Google News Canada, the news organization that publishes the headlines and headlines of the top news stories from Google, has posted a new article titled Can you unlock your iPhone and iPad using the lock screen of your smartphone?The answer is yes.This article will show you how to unlock your phone from your lock screen using the Lock screen of […]

How to get the Blue Lock Manga Lock in your iPhone 6s

You have probably heard of Lock of Hair and the Lock of Hands.Both are locks with a blue lock on them.But what if you don’t know which lock to use?In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of unlocking both of these locks with just a few taps of your finger.

How to get in touch with Gary Locke, the man who’s building a new national security strategy

Politico title Gary Locke on his role in crafting Trump national security policy article Gary Locke is an expert on foreign policy and has been advising the Trump administration since January.Locke, who also heads the National Security Council, has long worked on foreign affairs issues, including Russia, and has consulted with Trump and his senior aides on a range of […]

What’s in your dongle?

I’ve been using my Nexus 6P with an Android 6.0 Marshmallow smartphone since its launch, but it hasn’t been without its quirks.So, what’s the best Android phone that’s not just a cheap knockoff of the Google Pixel 2 XL?Read more I’m not exactly sure, but I’m willing to bet that the Nexus 6 and Pixel 2 have some of the […]

How to make liquor locker in less than an hour

New Scientist, the home of cutting-edge science, brings you the science of your choice.Today’s special: The secrets of making a liquor locker from a box.This article was originally published in Science magazine on November 20, 2017.

Lock pick set for ICO token sale

Locked pick set to be released for the upcoming ICO token sales, according to a new report.The cryptocurrency trading platform Coinsecure is planning to launch an ICO token which will be used to fund future token sales of the platform.The token will be issued via a smart contract which will use the tokens on-chain.The company’s CEO, Matt Burch, revealed on […]

Why the company wants to lock up your home

The Wall Street Journal’s Eli Lake writes that in a new paper, the company is trying to unlock a key to your home.The key would unlock the doors and windows, allowing you to leave the house and enter it as normal.The company has yet to release details about the product, but Lake writes it’s a good example of how the […]

New laws could shut door locks down for many, experts warn

Locks and key fobs are likely to be removed from most households as a result of the state’s new laws that make it illegal for people to lock doors.Key points:New laws mean many households will have to lock their doors to be able to access the internet and to communicate with friends and familyIf you are not allowed to lock […]

When you lock up the door, the door locks

A lock for a door handle lock will keep the door locked up until the user removes the lock and opens the door.It was developed by an Australian company called Akon and it works by using magnets to push the door handle into a spring that locks it.The magnet will force the door open until the magnets in the lock […]

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