How the Mac Lock Screen Could Turn Your TV Into A Tentacle Lock Screen

With iOS 9, you can lock the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and make it a fully immersive tentacle locker.But there’s still a bit of work involved in getting it all set up.Here’s what you need to know.What Is a Tentacle?A tentacle is a small, spherical object that has a central, flat surface and a pair of arms.In […]

Why the #MeToo movement is not about sexual harassment in the locker room

When the #metoo movement was at its peak, the public debate over sexual harassment was raging and it became a topic of intense discussion and debate.The media and the public debated whether sexual harassment should be a criminal offense or not.It was the beginning of a new era of sexual misconduct.This new movement, however, has largely been ignored.As the #meToo […]

Lockpick lockpicking tools,level locks,locks and tools

Australian Financial Press release: The Lockpick Lockpicking Tool is a very useful tool for locking a lock.A lock pick is a tool used to break or loosen the lock.To lock a lock, you have to place your finger on the handle of the lock and pick the lock to open it.When you release your finger, the lock will unlock.When it […]

How to Unlock Your Chicken’s Cage, Grill and BBQ Sauce with an iPhone app

Now playing: iOS 8, Siri, and more in the news article This is where Apple finally shows its hand.Siri will let you set a timer for when you want to lock the cage, and you’ll then have to lock that cage with your iPhone.The iPhone app is also allowing you to set timers for when the chicken needs to be […]

How you can stop your kids from playing with their phones at school

More kids are getting into smartphones and tablets at school than ever before.And it is having a big impact.This year, the number of kids in primary school aged four and under using smartphones surpassed that of primary school pupils who didn’t have a smartphone, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.A study published this week by […]

Why you should use locks instead of pliers

Pliers are an easy way to do some pretty nasty things, like opening up a lock, but they can also be a little tricky to keep secure when it comes to your lock.Here are three tips to help you secure your lock in a way that keeps it safe.1.Use a good locking tool when possible.The locks we use are made […]

How ‘Sister Wives’ inspired a cult movie and became a cult hit

Rock Lock is a cult classic, a cult favorite, and a genre unto itself.The 1987 cult movie starring Sarah Paulson and Natalie Portman had a huge cult following, but the movie itself never went beyond the screen and didn’t make it past the first few screenings.But after the movie became an instant cult classic in its own right, the studio […]

How to stop getting so drunk when wearing your shirt with a hat

If you want to look like a badass on the field, you have to get your hair done.MCLaughlin, a former All-Star and a member of the U.S. National Team, told MTV News that he wears a hat to work to make it easier for his teammates to find him.“I want them to see me in my shirt with my hat […]

New York City Police Chief: Suspect shot by officer after arrest

New York, NY – A New York police officer shot a man who was trying to run away after an arrest, officials said.A spokesman for the New York Police Department said the man was shot after an exchange of gunfire during a foot chase.Police said the officer was attempting to stop a man, who was allegedly trying to flee, in […]

Which Smart Phone is the Coolest?

The first smart lock screen on a phone.The lock screen is your window into your phone.It displays all the notifications, notifications from your apps, and more.It’s a great way to check up on your phone’s health and battery life.A smart lock can also tell you the battery life of your phone, and it’s also a great place to find your […]

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