Which lock key will get you hired?

The following is a list of the most commonly used locks in America, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office: The National Lock, National HomeLock, National Lock Key, and the National HomeKey.The National LockKey is a two-sided lock with a small locking mechanism located at the top of the lock.This is the standard lock key used by many locksmiths.Lockpicks are […]

The Lids’ Locks & More: The ’90s Collection of Lockers

Lids is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new series of locks that you can use as a companion to your favorite movies, TV shows, and albums.The first series of Lids locks was released in 1995 and is designed to help protect the Lids against the elements, but now, we have another installment in the series: the Locks&more.Each Lids lock […]

How to build a fake Facebook profile

What’s the best way to build your own Facebook profile?It’s complicated and difficult, but it’s actually easy to do.Here’s how.The article below is written by Nick Kroll, the creator of the popular series, Nick & Marley, which is widely used by brands, news outlets and the entertainment industry. The idea is that every time a brand has to reach out to […]

How Yale Lockers Key Can Lock Out Any Key Holder

It’s not that Yale lockers are perfect; they’re not.The problem is that they’re also pretty cheap.Yale Lock has three lockers that can lock the cabinet to your car, or a nearby garage, or any other location.All three are $30.The cheapest is the Yale Lock, which costs $20.Yale is one of the few colleges that actually offers a lock for a […]

When Nancy L. L. Kent’s Apple ID Lockdown Was Just a Step in the Right Direction

When Nancy Kent, the CEO of Apple, announced her plan to ban passwords in April, she was pushing back against a backlash against Apple’s “security lockdown.”Now, as Apple is preparing to launch a new system for people who want to access the company’s iCloud storage, she says her stance on password sharing has changed.Kent said in an interview that she […]

Drowned: The story behind the first three-year saga of lock screen rumors

A story of lock screens, a few stories, and three lock screen theories.It’s the story of how the iPhone locked itself into a lock screen mode, only to be released in three years time.Iona Locke was the editor-in-chief of TechCrunch before joining Next Big World as the editor of Wired magazine.He was also the editor in chief of CNET’s iPhone […]

Watch: Lock washer locks up refrigerators

Lock washers are designed to keep food and liquids safe inside a refrigerator, but they can also make it hard to open the door and leave the home.That can make it harder for people to get home and start cleaning.But if you don’t want to lock up your refrigerator, it can be a great way to store groceries, like a […]

How to stay out of trouble while in the cage

The Calgary Flames are still a long way from being a true contender, but they’ve shown glimpses of their potential.The Calgary Maroons are the only team with a winning record against the Flames.The team is also tied for fourth in the league with a 3-1-1 record in the second half of the season.It’s a remarkable turnaround from a team that, […]

How to buy salt without going out to a supermarket

How to get a good deal on salt without buying from a supermarket or a salt station?I’d be willing to bet that most of us who own salt have not spent a single cent in a salt shop.But you don’t need to.The most basic way to buy cheap salt without spending a cent is to go out to the market.Salt […]

Why Apple is Lockdown Mode and Not Lockdown Now

When Apple announced its latest Lockdown mode, some thought it was going to force users to disable the feature.That was not the case.Apple is now locking down the entire Apple Watch app with an unlock policy.The lockdown mode will be removed from the App Store and will be available only to those who have purchased an Apple Watch.Users will be […]

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