A bicycle lock, or a bicycle lock that works?

It’s the question that keeps people up at night.The lock is used to secure bicycles and other large objects against theft, but what is it exactly?Are they really bicycles?Are lock keys the key?Is there a bike lock key that can be used to unlock an object without having to remove the object from its cradle?Is a bicycle-locked bike the same […]

Why did akon lock up?

Akon’s lockup came after the singer was charged with possession of child pornography and sexual abuse of a child in 2015.In August, he was sentenced to two years in prison for child pornography charges.In October, he pled guilty to sexually abusing two young girls.His lawyer says the singer had been “in a state of deep depression and panic” after the […]

Why are there so many parrots locked up in the Australian city of Adelaide?

Auckland, New Zealand, has the second-highest number of birds in captivity, behind Adelaide.However, the parrots are being kept in isolation in the city’s largest bird sanctuary, the Sydney Bird Sanctuary, after being reported missing for over a month.“They have been locked up for months,” said bird conservationist and author Rebecca Hickey.“The birds are locked up there and the people that […]

When you lock up the door, the door locks

A lock for a door handle lock will keep the door locked up until the user removes the lock and opens the door.It was developed by an Australian company called Akon and it works by using magnets to push the door handle into a spring that locks it.The magnet will force the door open until the magnets in the lock […]

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