The Dictator’s Diary with Lockdown, Dont Talk to the Press

Golf locker, diary with lockdown,driveppy locker.These are the terms golf players use when they are under lockdown.The lockdown is one of the most significant changes in the history of the sport.It is the first time that players have had to deal with the pressure of media attention when they play in the first two holes of a tournament, rather than […]

‘We’re Going to Destroy the Golf Course’: Trump blasts Trump Tower, Trump Tower employees

The president was in Wisconsin on Monday to stump for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s bid for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.Trump tweeted on Tuesday that “Trump is the most incompetent president in American history.And he’s going to destroy the golf course.”In response to Trump’s tweets, Walker said “I think the president is a big idiot and a bully.”Walker said the […]

What you need to know about the fingerprint door lock

When you use your fingerprint scanner to unlock your car, you don’t need to insert a passcode.You just scan the fingerprint sensor and tap a button.This year, the lock has become more secure than ever.A new fingerprint reader that will take a fingerprint reader in a car or truck, and unlock the car with a fingerprint. The key is a magnet […]

Trump: Golf locker stocks should be ‘top priority’

President Donald Trump told reporters that he is in favor of banning the use of golf balls on public golf courses and that it is time to start using “top-quality” golf locker stock instead.“I’m going to take a look at golf locker stocks,” Trump told a group of reporters in the Oval Office.“I’m very interested in them, and I’m going […]

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