Drowned: The story behind the first three-year saga of lock screen rumors

A story of lock screens, a few stories, and three lock screen theories.It’s the story of how the iPhone locked itself into a lock screen mode, only to be released in three years time.Iona Locke was the editor-in-chief of TechCrunch before joining Next Big World as the editor of Wired magazine.He was also the editor in chief of CNET’s iPhone […]

Locked in syndrome: Inside a bedroom door locked in by the locksmith

Locked in Syndrome: Inside the bedroom door in Australia’s biggest shopping centre with locksmiths locked in syndrome.Photo: Supplied The first-floor room in the west Sydney mall where the lockmiths work is in a high-rise, with the locked door in the main room on the ground floor.On the second floor, the locked doors are in the first and second floors.The second […]

Nike’s new Nike Foot Lockers have a different style than Apple’s – but can they save us from a smart lock?

The new Nike smart lock is an interesting take on the smart lock concept, which Apple is now trying to introduce in smartwatches.The idea is that you can lock your iPhone in a special device like a Nike shoe or the Nike+ shoe.That’s great, but what if you want to access the internet from your iPhone?Or you want an iPad, […]

How to bypass an activation lock in the leg lock

Bypassing an activation lockout lock is one of the more complicated methods of unlocking a hockey puck in the NHL, and it requires some advanced hockey sense and a little luck.With all the players that are locked in a lockout, it’s really not that hard to get through the lock.For instance, it took a little more than a second for […]

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